Writing Tip One:

Before you begin writing your romance novel, make sure you know what your story is going to be and who your characters are. It can be confusing to make up characters half way through the story. So plot everything out point by point first.

Writing Tip Two:

Find and join a critique group on the Internet and get feedback on your writing. There are also writers groups you can join in your local area, so if you haven’t got access to the Internet there is no need to worry!

Writing Tip Three:

Keeping on writing! Nothing helps your writing to improve than actually writing.

Writing Tip Four:

Your first novel isn’t likely to be a massive masterpiece. That is why you need to develop a thick skin and not be too discouraged by negative feedback. Think of any rejections as a chance to further improve what you have already done.

Writing Tip Five:

Take any criticism and learn from it, but don’t be afraid to keep writing in your unique style. Don’t lose your voice.

Writing Tip Six:

Read other books about writing in the genre you are interested in. Other writing books may also help you perfect your craft. One book to look at is “Writing Down the Bones” by Natalie Goldberg.

Writing Tip Seven:

Pick a genre and stick to it. Don’t be afraid to mix a little, but you must be prepared to stay within one genre with your main plotline. Make sure you study the market you are interested in. Read other writers work in the genre you are interested in and find inspiration.

Writing Tip Eight:

Look for publishers within the area you are interested in and become familiar with the kind of books they publish. This will give you a good indication of whether or not they are likely to publish yours.

Writing Tip Nine:

When romance is your main genre, look for writers clubs and conferences in that genre and attend as many as you can. Speak to as many agents and publishers as you can.

Writing Tip Ten:

Prepare your book to send to the publishers and follow all requirements very carefully or your work won’t even be looked at.